Your complete UAV service. 

We specialise in the use of UAV technology, or drones as they are more commonly known, as well as the latest camera equipment and training to capture content from the skies, ground and underwater for an array of applications and services. 


Our services


We have invested in the latest cutting edge aerial equipment and training. Meaning as well as capturing imagery and video for marketing purposes, we also can monitor and pull data from drones to produce vital information for inspections, agriculture, property development and more. 


We have dedicated over 10 years to growing our love and knowledge of cameras and ground equipment. We are proud to have worked with several companies over the last decade to bring product photography, promotional and training videos and marketing material. 


Coming soon

We are excited to be able to offer some brand new cutting edge services using the latest camera and UAV equipment on the market. If you would like to be involved in our exclusive Aer Alpha club where you receive a free newsletter every month with insider information, discounts and prizes, then contact us today to be added to the list. 


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We are proudly based in Cornwall but offer our services out to the UK. For more information about us and our services please visit our social sites, our services page, email, WhatsApp or call us:

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