Collaboration is key to growth. We are only as good as what we learn from others. There is so much going on in the world of drones, we'd be fools to think we can understand it all ourselves. So we love to work with others in all walks of professions and skills set so that we can all grow and build a strong community of content creators. 



We are a two person team and we're a pretty powerful two person team with a lot of ambition and talent. However, we also know we wouldn't be where we are today without the help of our drone / UAV community and friends supporting us and helping us grow. 

We offer out the use of our pilot skills to production crews and other drone teams to help make a project shine and the cogs turn. We also can come along with our own equipment to help film different angles, offer some extra support and advice for techniques and skills or lend another set of eyes to a search and rescue mission.

Our in-house pilot is trained and compliant with the CAA and holds a GVC and A2 CofC certificate. We are highly trained in procedures and flying practices so can assist on almost all drone projects and productions. We are also skilled in FPV and fast drone flying. 


Prices start from £35 an hour for the use of our full insured pilot without equipment and increase with the addition of certain equipment and requirements such as flying FPV or assisting on search and rescue missions or flying at night. For more information on our prices and how we go about lending our services, contact us today and we'll happily talk through it all with you.