Being based near the coast we are a hotspot for retirement ventures, relocations, holiday homes and seaside living. In recognising this, we have developed our services to best suit capturing content for property. 

"Aer Alpha were helpful and friendly from the outset and the cutting edge technology their company can offer really is breathtaking. I’m already looking forward to our next project together." - Adam, Desmond & Co

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When it comes to capturing property, the key is to appreciate each place as individual. Even multiple houses in one estate will each boast their own unique quirk or selling point. Understanding those individualities is what helps us to capture the best out of the property or location. 

At Aer Alpha we invest time and expertise in understanding the latest styles and techniques. We get to grips with what draws prospect buyers and holiday makers to a location or place and we highlight it in our content. Social media platforms are undoubtably becoming the sole way to communicate quick, eye catching content to the masses, therefore, our property packages include specially adapted social content that can be shared across multiple platforms - fast.


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Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic Mini 2

A collection of FPVs and heavy lift drones

GoPro Hero 10 and GoPro Hero 8 Naked

Sony A7 iV and broadcast filming accessories

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Our property packages start from as little as £200 for a set of 15 edited photos and a 30 second overview video. 

Our property services offer: 

FPV (first person view):

A new way of capturing a virtual tour of a property without the need for heavy 360 photo files or frustrating clunky click throughs on websites. Instead, we produce a 20 second one shot fly through the property using our smart small drones and our excellent pilot skills. 

Social first:

We can make all the content we capture social ready. We will export the files to best suit all social media platforms, as well as creating reels, highlights, stories, templates for posts and social ready photos.

Adding sound:

We have a full audio license that allows us to put popular music or any genre you require to your videos to make your vids extra unique and catchy.


We produce promotional, instructional, informative or overview videos of all properties, ranging from 30 second videos, to three to four 1 minute videos of properties and surrounding locations. If you want animation, graphic design, typography or someone introducing the property, we make it happen.


As well as capturing video content, we also photograph all properties. We can capture whatever is requested from external only to internal and external. We edit a range of styles to suit and can clear up any unwanted sites or objects such as cars or people. We can send any image off to print for brochures or literature. 


We understand sometimes when you need a quick turnaround it's easier to capture a few images or vids on your own phones. Often some of the content we capture can look a bit fuzzy or the video can be a bit wobbly. We can help here with our quick editing turn around on content captured from your phone or personal cameras. 

Stock it:

If you're an estate agent in a particular area or trying to advertise your holiday lets location, then we can provide you with a standard set of stock imagery of the surrounding area to really give potential clients the full picture.

All our packages with our clients are unique and individual, so it is hard for us to set a specific price. Prices can range depending on location of the property and the amount of work that may be required to capture the content to a high standard. We will always strive to create the best and so ensure each of our projects are thorough and conducted fairly. For a full breakdown or a quote on what we can offer you, contact us today and we will be more than happy to talk you through your options.