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Whilst we are travelling around the country, doing our thing, capturing content, there are days where we go out and adventure for ourselves and in doing so, we capture some amazing scenes and places. We get that some of these places hold dear meanings and memories for our followers and Aer Alpha friends, so we're very excited to be able to bring our shop to you where you can make any of our prints your own. 

Most of our images can be found on our instagram page - simply message us and let us know which one you like and how you would like it; as an A4 sheet or on a canvas - we can even use the services of our local carpenter friend who can turn old bits of beach driftwood into up-cycled picture frames for a total circle of picture life. 

We are still working on bringing you a proper online shop, we have lots of ideas of merchandise with hoodies, t.shirts, calendars and cards as well as instant purchase of our prints and canvases - but whilst we build this offering, we wanted you all to know that our pictures are available to buy from us.

Keep an eye on updates on our social sites to see how we're getting on with bringing you some awesome stock. Don't forget, we plant a tree for every print you buy and profits of your purchases will go to awesome causes!