Drones are becoming more and more in demand and like with all technologies that are evolving so is the fleet of possibilities that drones can aid and assist in. Surveying and inspecting the land around us is just one of the most impressive capabilities these tiny powerful flying objects can do - and we can help.



We are a fast evolving world. With our increases in population comes more pressure on farms and suppliers to build houses, grow successful crops and manage better opportunities for youngsters to develop careers. Here are Aer Alpha this increase is something we are very much aware of and in realising this demand in pressure for infrastructure we wanted to put our services to good use.

We have trained in photogrammetry, obtained flying licences that give us a higher level of flying permissions, invested in top quality drones that can fly for longer and are more agile, pay subscriptions to software and analytics that can help us to see things that have never before been so easy to find. We can do all this quickly and efficiently with the help of our built up external team of highly skilled pilots, professionals and software guru's. 


  • Roof inspections.

  • Construction sites.

  • Conservation projects.

  • Progress reports.

  • Property overviews.

  • Land surveys.

  • Land mapping.

  • Agricultural surveying.

  • Solar / Wind farm inspections. 

  • Large scale land searches.


For smaller jobs such as roof inspections, construction site overviews and land mapping, we will use our built up team of drones, software and experience. For larger scale projects such as solar and wind farm inspections, farming and mass land searches, we work with a team of professionals who bring their experience and impressive set of drones and software capabilities to provide world class results.


Each project is different and requires it's own set of needs. Therefore, it is hard for us to set a specific price. For the smaller scale jobs such as roof inspections, prices start from £800 for photographs and video of the intended area.


We offer a survey and inspection package deal (Click the PDF circle icon to download the information): 


Survey and Inspect Package